30 Things You Should Know About Interviewing

Somebody once said, "Nothing is more uncommon than common sense." Accordingly, here are 30 things I think common sense should dictate:

  1. Leave for the interview with plenty of time to spare for the unexpected: traffic jam, car trouble, etc.
  2. Never go to an interview with a full bladder.
  3. Never chew gum, and obviously not tobacco.
  4. Don't allow the job title to influence your decision.
  5. Wear conservative business attire. If the venue is very casual, overdress slightly. (Men: wear a sport jacket and tie. Women: wear tailored separates.)
  6. Never consider moving anywhere your family has no desire to live.
  7. Never ask to use the hiring authority's phone.
  8. Don't look at your watch.
  9. Remove your sunglasses.
  10. Maintain eye contact, but don't stare.
  11. Listen intently, so you don't have to keep repeating, "I'm sorry, but could you say that again?"
  12. Don't ask about perks.
  13. Ask for the spelling of the interviewer's name and write it down.
  14. Don't mention a salary range in your resume or during an interview.
  15. Don't tailor your personality in an attempt to charm your interviewer.
  16. Remain silent about your personal problems.
  17. Go to the interview unaccompanied.
  18. Don't park at a meter or in a tow zone.
  19. Don't drop names.
  20. Schedule nothing around your interview that will create a time crunch.
  21. Turn off your cell phone.
  22. Keep your eyes off the interviewer's desk.
  23. Don't handle anything, especially personal belongings.
  24. Get a haircut and shave if you need one.
  25. Avoid strong fragrances.
  26. Never be sarcastic.
  27. If required to drive others, perhaps to lunch, obey the law, exercise caution, and stay calm.
  28. Never criticize anyone, especially an employer.
  29. If asked to complete a form or application, fill in every space. Never write, "See resume."
  30. Don't linger. A long farewell is annoying.
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