About MRINetwork Worldwide

Founded in 1965, Management Recruiters International, Inc., trading as MRINetwork Worldwide™ - Experts in Global Search™, is the world's leading executive search organization & provides search and recruitment services to clients in every major industry, serving multi-national companies (Fortune 1000) on a global basis.

With over 800 offices in America alone, the MRINetwork now exceeds 1,100 offices in over 40 countries, making it the largest executive search company in the globe. With a local MRINetwork office as a single point of contact to the entire MRINetwork, our clients have access to the right candidates virtually anywhere in the world.

Based in Philadelphia, MRI has system-wide billings of $600 million (USD) and places 45,000 people in jobs annually. 100,000 people work on company assignments annually.

MRI is a subsidiary of staffing and outsourcing leader CDI Corp (NYSE: CDI), a $1.1 billion (USD) global provider of engineering and information technology outsource solutions and professional staffing.
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